We produce the most advanced Energy Conserving, High Heat Resistant, Corrosion Protective, Fire Protection and Thermal Insulating, coatings in the industry. Our coatings are the answer for risk mitigation, improve energy efficiency and asset protection.


Today's protective coatings industry is plagued with many exaggerated and misleading claims.  At HEI, our goal is to deliver proven technology that has been third-party tested, to the highest standard in the industry.  HEI 's protective coatings have received high level ASTM certifications, passed by no other coating in the industry!  For example, our coatings have  passed and been tested to the standards of ASTM E 285 (Oxyacetylene Ablation Testing of Thermal Insulation Materials),  ASTM E 136 (a true Non Combustible test), and ASTM E 228 (Linear Thermal Expansion of solid materials). These are just a few of  many test standards and requirements met by our  innovative coatings.  



About US

Find out about our company, our mission, our methods, and our understanding of risk mitigation.

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Energy Conservation

Saving energy, increasing efficiency and conservation are all terms used to describe ways we can reduce our overall energy consumption.  HEI is dedicated to reducing energy consumption through safe and efficient ways for conserving energy. 

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